• How Do I Book a Property with AsiaVillas?

    Step 1: You can search online at AsiaVillas using our advanced search filters, you can select your desired location, price range, type of property, and many other filters to find your ideal property.

    Step 2: Once you have found the ideal property you want, simply enter your dates, number of guests, and send us a message. We then confirm all the details and that your dates are 100% available.

    Step 3:  Once everything is confirmed - an AsiaVillas travel expert will send you an invoice the payment to reserve the property, this will be done as a bank transfer to the property owner or paid using your Visa/Credit/Debit card via Paypal (must be less than $2000 per transaction).

    Step 4: Shortly after, you will receive the full booking confirmation details for your stay including the exact property location, the property owner/managers name and contact details.

    Step 5:  Please feel free to contact the owner or us with any last minute questions or special requests you may have.  

    Final Step 6: Fly to Thailand and enjoy your beautiful holiday in this tropical paradise.

    If you need help this any of this stages – we love to help – please go to LiveChat, Add us on Skype or send us a message.

  • Is booking with AsiaVillas safe?

    We have an registered company and offices setup in Kamala, Phuket, Thailand. Our company license number is 0835555011221 – please feel free to check the official government site if you need further verification – Please check here for Department of Business Development website in Thailand – search under LivePhuket Co Ltd business name.

    • We have offices in Phuket and a team of individuals locally that answer the phone and are easily contactable throughout searching, booking and while you are staying here whether only for a few days or a few years!
    • We also use the internationally reconised payment gateway, Paypal so your money is truly protected. We only take 50% on the first payment* and send you all the owner and property managers’ details so you feel 100% comfortable.
    • We have a ton of review and testimonials including our Google+ Page and on Reseller Ratings reviews.
    • We also have be coveraged in media and consider ourselves to have the best customer service in SE Asia! No really, we do - message us now to find out.
  • How Do I Pay?

    We take all payments securely either via our company bank account, you can also pay the money directly to the owner or online with your credit/debit card through our payments partner the world’s number 1 payment gateway Paypal (extra fees are incurred of 4.4%).

    In some cases we ask guests to pay Property Owners and Managers directly, this saves time, money and peace of mind for both parties.

    Please note: you do not need to be a member of Paypal, you simply enter any debit or credit card into the payment window provided on our payment page and it only takes one min to complete the process.

  • Does AsiaVillas charge the Guest a fee?

    We do not charge any extra fees or charges like other agents and online platforms.. There are no hidden fees or added costs – the total price is the total price you pay. By booking with us you are also covered by a number of unrivalled services:

    1. Peace of mind with our AsiaVillas Guarantee Protection - we cover your booking for up to $5000 on any bookings in case of issues.
    2. We can also help book anything you need this includes and not limited Tours, Excursions, Car or Bike Rentals, Massages, Private Chef etc.
    3. AsiaVillas Customer service are also here to service you before, during and after your stay. Call us, text us, skype, us, meet us – we are here and know Thailand well!
  • What are the payment terms?

    We require 50% payment upfront to secure the booking and reserve the property. The other 50% is paid at least 2 month before the check-in date.

    If you are booking is after 2 month prior to your check-in date the full 100% payment is required to confirm the booking. If you are staying for longer periods (over 4 weeks) we do offer a longer term payment plan to suit to you.

    Please Note: Each individual property owner do have their own terms, although we endeavour to keep to these strict payment conditions we can be flexible and this is on a case by case basis.

  • What is the cost of renting a private accommodation?

    All costs are included and the total amount is carefully calculated for you. This always includes taxes and service charges. Each property has different amenities and items included such as airport transfer - please read each page carefully to confirm what is and it not included.

    Please read each property page very carefully before making a booking. The only extra thing you should be paying for at the villa is the security deposit. If you use extra services such as food, massages, tours or excursions you will need to pay the property owners or their respective managers directly. 

  • How much is the security deposit?

    The security deposit is usually a fixed amount depending on the property owner. The value is usually between $100 up to a few thousand.

    It is used as a guarantee in the unlikely event any damages or breakages happen at the property may occur. Some property owner use it to cover extra services that are purchased while at the villa, such as staff buying food and drinks.

    PLEASE NOTE: All of our property owners are seasoned and verified landlord and property managers - so we can assure you they return all deposits in full at check-out (minus any costs occurred and ensure they agree this figure with you).  

  • How do we pay the security deposit?

    The security deposit can typically be paid either beforehand by bank transfer or on arrival in cash. In some cases the owners do accept any major currency, although please double check with us or the property owner before arrival. Please note some landlords will request for security deposit to be paid before checking in.

  • What are the other charges or extra services we should know about?

    In some properties there are extra charges these can include electricity bills, water bills, ordering and making of food and drinks and also extra services such as chef, airport transfers, maids services etc. Most of our property pages clearly tell you which of these services are included and which are extra costs. Please ask us if you are unsure or want to double check – contact us link.

  • Do you offer discounts?

    While most of the properties are fixed prices, some properties are more than happy to offer discount. These are typically for bookings which are 7 days or more. If you see a property which is slightly out of your budget, please do not hesitate to contact us with your responsible offer and we would be happy to see if this offer is acceptable by the owner or alternatively we will offer you another at the price you want to pay.

  • How is the pricing calculated shown?

    All prices are quoted for use of the entire property.

    Some prices are quoted based on the number of rooms you actually use. For example if you are looking for a 4 bedroom villa, a property owner of a 6 bedroom may be able to offer you use of their 4 bedroom at a reduced daily price to accommodate you.

    Please note: if you do book for a specific bedroom amount the other bedrooms will be locked and the property will not rented to anyone else.

  • What is the minimal stay at the properties?

    There is no fixed minimum stay at all of the properties; many of the properties have a minimum stay of between 3 days up to 10 days - depending on the season.  When searching on our site if you do not choose the correct minimum days the individual property page will either not be displayed or will inform you that you need to increase your minimum days stay.

  • How many people can stay at the property?

    Each property page clearly states the maximum number of guests allowed to stay in each property. In some case there is an option to add extra beds/guests, although this must be clearly communicated to the property owners before bookings – otherwise an extra charges will be incurred or access to the property will be denied.

  • How are the property prices calculated?

    We have entered specific rates for daily prices, discounted weekly prices and discounted monthly prices  Our website has a special pricing calculator to make sure you always get the accurate prices offered, whether you are stay for a few days or a few monthly across different seasonal prices – we have built our platform to accommodate this - and make sure we give you the most accurate prices as possible. If you want to discuss anything to do with our prices of our properties please send us a message directly.

  • Can we add extra guest to stay?

    Yes with some of the properties you can add extra guests, although not all. There will usually be an extra cost which is either mentioned on the property page or if please email us with your request.

  • Are all your properties safe for children?

    Most the properties are safe for children of all ages, although some have pools, cliff edges, wet stairs and other things that require extra care. We always recommend taking extra care – although we do ask you to carefully read the description and ask us if there are any doubts or questions. Many properties do also cater for baby cots and other accessories – please enquiry to us for more information.

  • Are chefs and meals included in all the properties?

    In a number of properties the chef is actually included in the price. Typically meals are charge at an extra cost, sometimes this can be up to 20% charge - please make sure you check and read each property page to understand what is and is not included.

  • Is a housekeeping, linens and towers provided by the properties?

    For short term rentals most of properties available on AsiaVillas are fully serviced and provide house-cleaning services including supplying fresh linens and towels within the displayed price. Sometimes it will be every day other times it is only once a week. For longer terms rentals there will be an extra charge for house-keeping and maid services.

  • Is Wifi available in all the properties?

    Nowadays, nearly all of the properties come with Wifi included throughout the property. This is indicated within the amenities section on each property page. 

  • Do all properties include airport transfers?

    There are some properties that do include airport transfers picking up and drop off to the local airport. This will always be specified on the property page. If it is not available either our team or the property owners can help you arrange this.

    Please Note: Many of the properties are in rural areas that not all taxi drivers know the locations for – it is therefore sometimes recommended to use the property owners recommended drivers (even if the cost is slightly more).

    Also bear in mind there is a taxi company servicing anyone who comes out from the airport. Charges start from around 500 baht for a 4-seater car depending on where you exactly going and they usually know all the major places in the area.

  • Are the photos and description correct on all the properties?

    All the photos have been provided directly from the property owners and manager and have been approved and checked. We have also visited most the properties we advertise. Please note: some of the property pictures used are for similar units in the same building and the quality, style and layout will be the same. It will clearly be mentioned if the pictures are not exactly for the property shown.

  • What legalities or contract terms do I need to know about?

    When booking your property, each individual property owner has their owns terms and conditions. Although read over each property page and look at these core bits of information to avoid problems or extra charges incurred:

    1. Check-In and Check-Out times - (Typically the times for Check-in after 2pm and Check-out is before 12:00pm but its advisable to double check and avoid extra charges)

    2. Cancellation Policies - make sure in case of emergency the cancellation policy in mentioned and understood.

    3. Charges for extra guests - most property are ok with extra guests staying over their max number mentioned - please always enquiry and tell them first.

    4. Security Deposit - this varies massively between different properties - some owners request this to be paid before arrival and other are ok with paying this on arrival

    AsiaVillas acts as an booking platform and the contract is between you and the property owner. Please make sure you have read and understood these terms before booking. In most cases a rental contract is sent out, although some owners do not always request one to be signed but you can request one from us/them.

  • What is the cancellation and refund charge?

    In the unlikely event the owner cancels your booking, a full refund will be given back to the guests within a matter of days.

    In the event the guests cancel, there are different cancellation policies for each property. In some cases the guest will forfeit the entire sum paid for the booking although in other senarios a full refund will be given. This information is provided on each property page and within your rental contract that is email to you.

    However we do endeavor to check with each property owner and request for a full refund where ever possible.

    Important Note: Therefore please make sure you are fully ready before making a book to avoid any problems.